Changing the playing field through excellence, inclusion and mentorship


We love football, you love football, the whole world loves football. The Flag Star Football Foundation channels that shared passion to bring people together and push our communities forward. 

We're here to cultivate positive, inclusive playing environments and build the next generation of leaders. Take a dive into our website to find out how.

The Flag Star Football Foundation is doing a whole lot of good, all across the city. From league operation in my own neighborhood (McLean) to leadership development at our community center in SE DC, FSFF provides a continuity of care, compassion and leadership across all programs.”
— Julie Lonardo, Deputy Director, Horton's Kids

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Our Mission

Building positive, productive playing environments where everyone has a chance to play.

Cultivating an eco-system of leadership, learning and development. 

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Our Programs

Are a blast. They're a melting pot of play, progress and leadership development. 

No matter our age, background or life experiences, we're all pushing in one direction ... FORWARD!

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Being on the Team

There are any number of ways you can get involved in this mission. 

If you're looking for financial assistance, please fill out this form

If you'd like to sponsor a team or provide financial assistance, you can do that here. 

If you'd like to organize a program, join our leadership team, or just find out more, you can contact